Help! I’m Afraid of the Dentist!

Help! I’m Afraid of the Dentist!

What do you offer to reduce my fear?

People are anxious about going to the dentist for different reasons, including worrying about the effectiveness of localized anesthetic and feeling like the dentist is rushed or is neglecting your concerns. Other factors include anticipation of pain, the cost of the procedure, past negative experiences and even the sterile smell of the dental office. Interrupting the normal day’s routine to visit the dentist also is a factor in general anxiety.

If not addressed, dental anxiety can lead to unnecessary oral health problems as a result of avoiding the dentist, which in turn can end up leading to much more time spent in the dental chair when treatment is the only option

We work to reduce your anxiety before you even set foot in our office. This process begins when you make your appointment. Our staff has been trained to tell you what to expect and to answer any questions you have to ensure that you will be comfortable during your visit. An understanding of your dental services and treatment can help to relieve dental anxiety. Make sure you ask questions and request informational materials, if desired.

We know that here are many reasons why you might be anxious about going visiting us. We offer many ways to help make you comfortable and overcome your fears. We offer the following.

Oral Conscious Sedation Noise Canceling Headphones
Nitrous (laughing gas) Aromatherapy neck wraps
Pain free Anesthetic (STA) Your favorite television shows
Pain free cleanings Any radio station in the world
Empathy & Respect Compassion & Understanding


If you are seeing us for the first time, schedule an appointment for a consultation visit. At that appointment take the opportunity to ask us questions, and be sure that your concerns are addressed. You’ll find that when we take the time to speak with you about these matters, it will be a great help when it comes to addressing your fears.

Single Tooth Anesthesia: no pain anesthetic.


Conscious sedation dentistry?

Conscious sedation is often today’s preferred method for patients with lengthy dental procedures or a fear of the dentist. It not only minimizes the anxiety typically associated with a visit to the dentist, but combined with advanced methods in local anesthesia, patients also enjoy a more comfortable, relaxing, and safer experience. Conscious sedation also allows multiple procedures to be completed during one visit. The stress and inconvenience of returning multiple times for treatment can be eliminated. This especially appeals to people who are unable to make time in their busy schedules to have complex treatment done, which would normally take several appointments.

Sedated patients are in a safe “twilight sleep,” and breathing on their own. They are aware of what is going on around them, can answer when spoken to, and move or adjust if need be, but when it is all said and done, the patient will usually have little recall of the dental experience. Recovery time is a lot faster than general anesthesia, and typically lasts 30-45 minutes after the procedure is complete, at which time the patient can be released.

If you are one who has put off a visit to the dentist for a long time, or whose schedule simply will not accommodate multiple visits, you may wish to consider conscious sedation dentistry. A confidential call to a treatment coordinator can help you get the answers you need to decide.

Can Music Help Overcome Dental Anxiety?


Relaxing in a comfortable chair, wrapped in an aromatherapy neck wrap and listening to Barry Manilow may not be how one envisions a dental visit. However, for fans of the pop star, this specialized care helps them soothe dental anxiety. We offer a wide variety of music, many different television shows, pillows, blankets, aromatherapy, and calming office decor to help patients overcome dental anxiety. Another benefit is that the appointment goes by a lot faster.

New amenities may help create a calming, friendly environment, yet studies prove that the most important factor in overcoming dental anxiety is good dentist-patient communication.

Tips for Overcoming Dental Anxiety


->Avoid caffeine and sugar before a dental appointment; they may make you anxious.
-> Schedule dental appointments early in the day, before you become stressed or rushed.
-> Focus on relaxing; breathe regularly and slowly during the procedure.
-> Use hand signals to inform the dentist when you are uncomfortable.

How Dentists Help Anxious Children?


Some children are anxious because they are visiting the dentist’s office for the first time. This experience into the unknown is a common reason for nervousness. The dentist or a member of his or her staff will talk directly with the child to make him or her more comfortable. Sometimes having our child tour the office can help, explaining various equipment along the way. For young children, especially those under 3 years, a parent or relative may accompany the child throughout the procedure. Older children are encouraged to show independence.

Please Please Please don’t mention the “S” word (shot) before an appointment. We find a lot of the time kids are anxious about the dental visit because they have been told “stories” about the dental visit from either their siblings, parents (dad), or schoolmates.